Breakfast bake heathy option

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I’ve started slimming world this week. There is a lot of information to digest but in short, it breaks down like this. Not fat in any form and no sugar. You can have a very limited amount of cheese and milk but as far as I can work out the main source of food is protein and an unlimited amount of fruit and veg.

Tonight I made a breakfast bake which consisting of Potatoes, Bacon with the fat taken off, peppers and mushrooms.


Part boil chopped potatoes
Lightly fry one chopped onion in one spray of 1 cal oil
Chop up some mushrooms and peppers
Cut off all the fat from a pack of bacon and chop up in cubes
When the potatoes have boiled drain and place in a baking tray. Add the Bacon, mushrooms and peppers, mix and place in the oven.

Once cooked, let it cool down and place in the fridge, For breakfast take a portion of the bake and break an egg over the top and microwave. A healthy protein carb-rich breakfast for those
who don’t want cereal and milk.