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Its all about food right?

Weekly Weigh in 2/2/2017 UPDATE

My first week of being on the slimming world diet /eating plan has resulted in me losing 5.5 pounds. Whoop whoop. I’m feeling happy with my first week. Now looking forward to my second week and hope to maintain or even better this weeks result. Or I’m I being unrealistic?

There is a lot to be said being in a slimming group. This is my first one and I’m not really feeling that I belong. But the pressure of know you have a weigh in keeps up the level of motivation. The group meeting is not really my thing. Well of not stayed for it. Maybe I’ll stay next week.

Food Education

Over the years my weight has been a constant battle. When I first started trying to lose weight  I hit the gym hard. In fact, I was there pretty much every day. This resulted in a major weight loss but my eating was still the same. I did cut out most of the rubbish and really cut back on the bread, pasta and rice. My thinking was that carbs from these types of foods were a big no no. I still eat a lot of food but due to the exercise,  the weight was under control.

I then took three months off work and toured Europe on a bicycle. Again this really helped and the weight just melted away, but I still liked my food and at that time I eat everything. In short, my weight loss has been all down to exercise. So there lies the problem. As soon as you stop the exercise and continue to eat what you like the weight comes back on. Very simple right! It’s clear to see this from a reflective point of view.

Food Education

The last year or so I’ve scaled back the exercise due to an injury I picked up and now the weight is back too. 2016 was a crap year for the weight but 2017 is going to be different. I’ve signed back up to the gym and I’ve also signed up to Slimming world. I need to re-educate myself in food. I’ve also committed to riding Mont Ventoux in June.

One last tactic to help me lose those pounds. Ready for it. I’m going to post my current weight every week. Tonight is the first weigh in since joining Slimming World. At the start I was 15 stone 3 pounds. Fingers crossed I’ve lost weight.



Breakfast Bake

Breakfast bake heathy option

Breakfast bake Instagram

I’ve started slimming world this week. There is a lot of information to digest but in short, it breaks down like this. Not fat in any form and no sugar. You can have a very limited amount of cheese and milk but as far as I can work out the main source of food is protein and an unlimited amount of fruit and veg.

Tonight I made a breakfast bake which consisting of Potatoes, Bacon with the fat taken off, peppers and mushrooms.


Part boil chopped potatoes
Lightly fry one chopped onion in one spray of 1 cal oil
Chop up some mushrooms and peppers
Cut off all the fat from a pack of bacon and chop up in cubes
When the potatoes have boiled drain and place in a baking tray. Add the Bacon, mushrooms and peppers, mix and place in the oven.

Once cooked, let it cool down and place in the fridge, For breakfast take a portion of the bake and break an egg over the top and microwave. A healthy protein carb-rich breakfast for those
who don’t want cereal and milk.




Checking On My Tickr

Wahoo Tickr


I’ve always liked checking my heart rate and knowing how hard my pushing. My first heart rate monitor was from Wahoo so I thought I would go with them again as my old one had seen better days.

So last night I went on to Amazon and purchased Wahoo’s new Tickr heart rate monitor at £37.68. As always Amazon delivered in super fast time and my new heart rate monitor arrived the next day before lunch. Looking forward to checking it out and playing with the app.