I had trouble sleeping last night, I wasn’t sure if its the cold I’ve got or the fact that I’ve got two months before I leave on my journey and the only thing I’ve purchased is my ferry ticket. When I woke up it was still on mind. What the hell am I waiting for I asked myself. 

I was wrestling with the fact that Thorn, the people who make the bike are in Somerset and I should really go down there and look at all the options and get fitted out before spending all this money.
The problem was finding the time to drive down there and because they are not open on the weekend. This means taking time off work which I didn’t really want to do as my work have been really good to me and I did want to take advantage. 

So whilst checking out Thorns website http://www.sjscycles.co.uk
I saw they had a ex display bike that seemed to fit the bill. After a telephone call and going through some options I purchased my new bike.. So now I am the owner of my first touring bike. 

It’s a Thorn Sherpa MK2 510XL finished in Satin black. 
Now I need to give her a name, after all I will be riding here every day! lol 
At the same time I purchased the front and rear panniers, handlebar bar and a Brooks B17 saddle. Click here for a list of items purchased to date.