It seems like a long time ago that our freedoms were greatly restricted. Although most of the restrictions have now been lifted here in the UK as of 22nd January 2022, we will still be left with some control measures. ie Covid passports and travel restrictions to mention a few. But the worrying thing we are left with is a social divide. Personally, I have seen a lot of tensions between friends and family. The Vaxxers and Anti Vaxxers. Each group stands steadfast to its beliefs. Arguments are fierce and run deep, each standing their corner with quotes and examples of people either dying from the Virus or Vaccine.

The main question is who is right or not. Or is it really that simple? The balanced view looks to have left the room. Most people I speak to seem to stand behind corners, shouting abuse to each other. The question I find myself asking is where do we get our information from. The so-called trusted platforms such as our government, BBC News alike seem to have lost their way. With the recent party gate leaks frantically being covered up by the government top brass leave me mistrustful.

This has left me asking a lot of questions about where we get out information. It seems that the mainstream media pushes their views or maybe even their political agenda. I was under the belief that news was meant to be impartial but that is a distant memory or an idea of a free press which just isn’t true.  Thank goodness that there are some platforms such as the Joe Rogan show that tries to give a balanced view.