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Day 4 Bedarieux to Lourdes by Train 170 miles

Welcome to Episode 7  Day 4 Bedarieux to Lourdes by Train.

The previous days riding left me battered bruised. I woke up and looked out of the smelly rooms bedroom window. The weather looked grey. The mountains in the distance were covered by dark grey clouds filled to the brim with water. My exit plan was in full swing. Get the train to warm climbs. Head north west to Toulouse or Lourdes better still. I arrived at the station at 8am. Were is the ticket office. A sign on the window says, open at 9.30 am. I looked around not knowing what to do. Then from now where a women showed up. She clearly worked there. I asked how I buy a ticket. Billette I asked in my made up French. She pointed to a machine. This is where my problem began. Listen to my podcast to find out more.


Day 3 Montpellier to Bedarieux 55 miles over the Espinouse Mountains

Welcome to Episode 7  Day 3  Montpellier to Bedarieux, 55 miles.

This was a hard day. In fact very hard. I didn’t expect this to be so tough. The mountain just didn’t stop coming and this was in part because of the Garmin Touring plus route choice. It just loves to take you on the scenic route.  When I finally got to Bedarieux I was disappointed. There seems to be a lot of poverty around and I think it attracts a lot of immigrate workers. The place looks iron down and doesn’t have that rustic french feel to it.

In view of a few days climbing mountains Ive decided to get on a train out of here. Listen to the podcast for the full sp.



Day 2 Nimes to Montpellier 45 miles

Welcome to Episode 6  Day 2 Nimes to Montpellier

Today was a lazy day. Taking full advantage of a nice soft large bed before a long days ride.


Crepe pitstop

Today’s ride took me thru Le Vidourle with it’s lovely water fall where i stopped for a crepe filled with nuttella and an expresso. The waterfall is at Villetelle.  I continued on to Lansargues while making my way to Montgpellier. Finally called it a day in a campsite call Eden. Im finding a lot of campsite dont infact like people with tents. Found one in the end with part services open. No food availible so had to make do with noodles.



Camping site cooking

Day 1 Crillion Le Brave to Nimes 70 Miles

Welcome to Episode 5 The Day after Mount Ventoux

Today was the first day of my ride home to back to the uk. Coming off the back of riding Mont Ventoux, Today was going to be hard. Having said that I still managed to put in a solid 70 miles and ended my day in Nimes. Had to stump up the cost of a hotel as all the camping sites were full or didn’t like my face. To tell you the truth in was probably for the best as my body needed a nice bath to relax and a good bed to sleep in.

The beating of Mount Ventoux is a was eased by the help of the Mario, James, Christian and Phillip. We all conquered the Mountain and got home save and sound. This will be my fifth time climbing Ventoux and I think it his year was the hardest due to a few extras pounds.  This ride home will kick start my dreams of a slender body in to gear.

I”ll sign off now will a photo montage of the last few days.

Cycle For Your Life “An interview with John Merrill The Marathon Walker ” EP3

John Merrill Is the worlds greatest marathon walker. John has walked over 219,000 miles, worn out 133 pairs of boots and written over 440 books about his walks. Today John is an all-faith minister and still continues his walking journeys.

In today’s podcast, I play the audio track from the interview I filmed last year. Where John tells me about his early life as a young boy struggling at school, his adoption at nine months of age and finding his lost family. John goes on to tell me about his passion for climbing and walking and his relationships with his father. The interview also explores the lows and highs of his life and his role as an interfaith minister.

If you want to find out more about John you can visit his websites listed below.


Below are some links to his books

The Peakland Way: 100 Mile Circular Walk Around the Peak District

John Merrill’s Surrey Hills Challenge Walk: 23 Mile Circular Challenge Walk Over the S.E. England’s Highest Hills, from Abinger

Walking the Grand Union Canal from London to Birmingham: 153 Mile Walk from the River Thames at Bentwood to Gas Street Basin, Birmingham. Can be Done in 9 Stages (Canal Walks Series)

Cycle For Your Life “Jason Tell’s his side of the story” EP2

In 2013 I cycled through Spain, Portugal, France and ending in Italy. The trip started out with two friends embarking on an amazing adventure on two wheels but ended with us parting company after ten days. in this episode, Jason gives his version of the story. Further reading of our adventure at the time can be found at first blog site.


Cycle For Your Life “How cycling saved my life” EP1

Welcome to the Episode 1 of Cycle For Your Life.

Back in late 2012, my life changed path dramatically. I remember the day when my then wife asked me for a divorce. For me, this was a total bolt out of the blue and left me total and utterly in a spin. The following month’s left me feeling lost and depressed.  As the dust settled on the bombshell. I felt I had to take control of my life. This is when I decided to go on an adventure. This is the start of my three-month cycling tour of Spain, Portugal, France and finally, Italy.

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