Portable power

Power monkey solar charger

solar power to mains power

Boys and their toys. Any excuse to buy a new bit of new kit. To be honest you don’t need it at all but some things are just nice to have. And for me, one of these things is power… Yes, power. Power in the form of electricity. On my last trip, I was always looking for ways to keep my phone and tablet alive. I felt connected and safe in the  Knowledge that I had my phone with me.

Anker Powercore 20100

Power on demand


I purchased the power monkey solar charger for my last trip and it worked ok. I tried charging it up by solar whilst riding but the constant movement of the bike prevented it charging properly.  If you were on a rest day in a sunny spot I’m sure it would charge up fine. The good thing was you can charge it up by the mains.

Although the power monkey solar extreme was good it still left me needing additional power. So for this trip, I’ve gone and purchased an Anker power cord 20100. I’m told this can recharge my phone up to eight times and also power my IPad and Garmin.

A Little Bit More Kit

I’m not taking a dedicated camera but will my iPhone X Instead. and for the blogging and general communications ill use the iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard.

Garmin Touring plus

Get me home, please

Tracking My Trip

Last of all in the Garmin touring plus which I purchased from eBay For £100. It’s a basic bike GPS and ill use it for basic navigation and to record my route. Not sure if I’m going able to update my route day by day but try.